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Posting ID: JP00001524 Available Positions: 1
Position Title: SENIOR MARINE ROTC INSTRUCTOR Posted: 5/3/2018
Location: KELLY WALSH HIGH SCHOOL Closing Date: 5/1/2019
Salary Range: Expected Start: 7/1/2018
Position FTE: 1.00
Hours per Day: 7 Days per Year: 220
Posting Comments: Senior Marine Instructor Retired Marine officer with at least 20 years of active or reserve service. Must have at least a BA or BS degree. Must be within service body composition and weight standards as identified in the MCJROTC Policy Letter 5-15. The SMI should have excellent communication skills and effectively interact with school administration, parents and the community. Must be available after normal school hours to develop extra-curricular teams such as drill, rifle, raider, and develop a cadet staff. Must be capable of restraint and patience when dealing with challenging youth. Must be willing to working most weekends and travel with cadets to competitions and camps several times during the year. Must be willing to relocate without compensation and is expected to commit to several years of employment. For salary questions please refer to Denis Caruth: ltcoldgc@gmail.com
Job Description: ROTC Instructor