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Posting ID: JP00000051 Available Positions: 1
Position Title: EDUCATIONAL INTERPRETER Posted: 2/27/2015
Location: SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES CTR Closing Date: 12/20/2050
Salary Range: $17.96 - $23.76 Expected Start: 2/27/2015
Position FTE: 1.00
Hours per Day: 7 Days per Year: 175
Posting Comments: Must hold RID "Registry for interpreter of the deaf certification" or Educational Interpreter Certification through PTSB.
Job Description: The job of Educational Interpreter was established for the purpose/s of facilitating communication between persons who are deaf and/or hard of hearing and others; conveying teacher instruction; assisting students with daily activities; providing voice to sign and sign to voice support; participating as a team member to plan, review and share information; and serving as a resource to other school personnel requiring assistance with students who are hard of hearing and/or deaf.