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Posting ID: JP00001960 Available Positions: 0
Position Title: HR Technician/IT Systems Specialist Posted: 2/5/2019
Location: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Closing Date: 2/22/2019
Salary Range: $16.31 - $22.25 Expected Start: 2/5/2019
Position FTE: 1.00
Hours per Day: 8 Days per Year: 260
Posting Comments: The position of Human Resources Technician will involve several months of training with our current Information Systems Specialist. Training will occur in our Human Resources, Information Technology and Business Services departments learning department systems and operations including supporting and administering database systems, providing advice and training to system users, analyzing problems, and creating reports to name a few . Upon successful performance through the training phase, the successful candidate will move into the Information Systems Specialist position beginning July 1, 2020. Salary HR Technician- $16.31-$22.25 Information Systems Specialist- $23.42-$32.38 Requirements: Bachelors degree in job related area or four years experience in technology in area of expertise is desired. Please send letters of interest and resume to Jeff Brewster, Director of Information Technology. For question about salary or the position, please contact Human Resources at 253-5229.
Job Description: The job of Information Systems Specialist is done for the purpose/s of supporting/administering information database systems; providing instruction and advice to system users; analyzing problems and issues related to the information system software and other related software;coordinating usage among department system users; producing a variety of statistical reports;and providing support to the administrative supervisor, ensuring compliance with legal and administrative requirements.