Registration Help
  • FAQ
    • Can I save my application and return at a later time?
      • Yes, you are welcome to save your application and return later. You will need to remember your user name and your password to login to your profile.

    • I have already filled out an application. Do I have to answer the position specific questions again?
      • Position specific questions that you have already answered will be maintained in our system and will populate any new applications as long as they are in the same position type (ex. certified to certified or support staff to support staff).

    • How will I know the status of my application?
      • You will be able to view your application status under Profile in the Application History section.  Any incomplete applications may be updated by using the To Complete link.

        Note:  Any applications in a "Submitted" status may be edited until Verified.

    • Can I delete an entry on the application such as a degree or previous work experience?
      • Yes.  To delete an entry, login to the application and go the appropriate section.  Click the trash bin icon next to the entry that you would like to delete.  You will be prompted on whether or not you would like to delete this entry.  To delete, click yes.

    • Can I resume an application that I have started but have not completed?
      • Yes.  To resume an application login to your recruitment online profile.  Click the link on the left hand side of the screen that says To complete.  The applications that you have not completed will pop-up and the incomplete sections will be listed.  Click the link to the section that you would like to complete.

    • What are posting notifications?
      • You can set preferences with posting notifications so that you are notified when certain positions are posted.  You can make a request by type (Classified, certified, etc.), school, certification area, position, and bargaining unit.

    • Can I complete an application before a position is posted?
      • There is an option to complete a general application.  The types of general applications include certified, certified administrator, classified, certified substitute, classified substitute, and certified-related services.   Once a general application has been completed, the information will transfer to all positions in which you apply for the type of application completed.


    • Will I have to complete the application every time that I apply for a position?
      • No. Once you have completed an application your information should pre-fill, however you are able to make any changes that you would like.  Once changes have been saved, the saved application will be the most recent application on file. 

  • How to Apply
    • Getting Started
      • Give yourself plenty of time to complete your application.  Be prepared by having information in front of you regarding previous employment and reference names.

        • You will need an e-mail account for the online application process.  This e-mail will be used to contact you in the future.
        • Be sure to write down your username and password once they are created.


    • How do I login and apply for a position?
      • New Users Only (first time users must create a login):

        Step 1:View Postings
        Go to view vacancies, you can view the vacancies by Title, Type or Location.

        Step 2: Create a Login and Create Profile
        Click on register and complete the form to create an account (be sure to write down your username and password once they are created you will need them for future use).

        Step 4: Apply
        Click on Apply for this position to begin the application process.

        Users who have already established a login and are applying for another position:

        Step 1: Login
        Go to the left-hand corner of Welcome page and log-in with your user name and password and proceed to your profile.

        Step 2: Locate a Position
        Using View Vacancies you can locate a desired position by Title, Type or Location.

        Step 3: Apply
        Click on Apply for this position to begin the application process.

  • Additional Tips
    • Save Often!
        • You must hit the SAVE button to besure the application has been saved before exiting. 


    • Work History and Education
        • Enter all information associated with your work history or education.  Once complete, click on the "Add" button to add the record.  When you have finished making all entries of education or previous employment, click the "Cancel" button to go back to the main application screen.
        • At that point, be sure to SAVE your application again.  It has not automatically saved your entries until you actually click SAVE!
  • Updating a Submitted Application
    • How do I update a recently submitted application?
      • Log into the applicant portal and select the Profile link on the left menu bar.  The submitted application that requires an update will have a link beside it for you to be able to make changes until it is verified by HR.  Once all changes are made in the selected application, you may click the Resubmit button on the bottom right of the screen.

  • Web Browser Requirements
    • Which web browser can be used to access the jobs at Natrona County School District website?
      • The following internet browsers are recommended to access this application: Firefox 6.0+, Safari 5.1+ or Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10. Use of Internet Explorer 8 can cause the software to be delayed and should be avoided. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.